New Trainings and New Learnings…Getting Smarter By The Day!

I’ve been up to a lot of education! I mean a lot! Over the past year and a half I have traveled to San Francisco, Minnesota, and made numerous trips to Nashville.

I trained in San Francisco with Carole Osborne. If you’re a massage therapist and love working with pregnant people, that’s a big deal! She is a fabulous teacher in prenatal massage and has been doing it for decades. I spent a week with her learning new ways to relieve the discomforts in pregnancy and postpartum. The SI joint release I’ve been using in most sessions I learned from her!

A huge win for me has been becoming a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner. I went to Minnesota for the week and learned from some amazing bodyworkers! The best way for me to put my experience into words and what I learned is that Gail Tully, the founder and creator of Spinning Babies®, brought together several different bodyworkers with a variety of specialities to teach us a protocol to help with pelvic and uterine alignment that is intended to allow:

  • Comfort in pregnancy
  • Spontaneous change to a more optimal fetal position, where space is available in the womb
  • Progess and less pain in labor
  • Baby to move themselves into the new space made by reducing tensions and torsions in muscles and ligaments

In a sense, it’s creating room in the womb and allowing baby to find the most optimal space for labor and birth. Despite the name, there is no manipulation of the baby. It’s just a catchy name. But this bodywork does some wonderful things for comfort and alignment.

Next UP was my venture into Craniosacral Therapy. I’ve taken two courses with the Upledger Institute, and I have one more to take before I get to the pregnancy and postpartum specific trainings. I’ve learned so much about the power of light touch. Just 5 grams of pressure can reach a healing pulse very quickly. Some of the head and neck work I’ve been incorporating into sessions lately have come from my recent trainings in craniosacral.

And last but definitely not the least is my two year program in Body Literacy, Cycle Awareness, and Fertility Awareness. But the life changing program deserves its own announcement!

Kari Jenkins

I love being part of the heroic journey of womanhood. Through more than 20 years of serving women, I have seen the life experience of motherhood as often the first time a woman must deeply trust her body and herself.

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